7 Best Welders for Exhaust (2023)- MIG, TIG, Stick


Welders are indispensable for every home, industry, and workshop as you need to weld tons of things in a day, especially on construction days or when you want to fix something. Agree?

Nowadays, the demand for exhaust welders exceeds day by day, as they are used to weld metals in a required place.

A perfect welder is made up of sturdy material, lightweight, dual voltage, and dedicated to delivering hassle-free performance.

Do you also want to weld your exhaust pipes? Are you looking for dependable and long-lasting welders?

Among our list of top-notch exhausts, Hobart 500559 Handler is winning the race of best welder for exhaust for 2023. This high-grade welder helps to make the welding stable and smooth.

It is the most recommended for MIG welding exhaust pipe!

Best Welders for Exhaust (2023)

WelderFeaturesCheck Price
Hobart 500559 Handler●      Easy to use
●      Portable and light
Check Price
Amico ARC-160D●      Quick to set
●      Heavy duty
Check Price
LOTOS TIG200ACDC 200A AC●      Comfortable
●      Best for all users
Check Price
LINCOLN ELECTRIC CO K2697-1●      Precision in working
●      Light yet sturdy
Check Price
MILLER ELECTRIC MIG Welder●      Optimal performance
●      Stable and durable
Check Price

1- Hobart 500559 Handler (Best Welder for Exhaust)

Our list of the best welders begins with an incredible and durable welder, Hobart 500559. This top-grade welder owns extraordinary features and heavy-duty performance.

Key Features:

  • Let’s start with its weight; it is effortless to control, use, lift, and move this welder as it comes with a compact body and is lightweight. This comfortable welder weighs only fifty-seven pounds, and we all know it is not much heavier.


  • Hobert 500559 is a fantastic welder that comes with durability along with its super-smart performance; do you know, this fantastic140 MIG welder works on 115V, which is standard home current.


  • This dependable welder is made up of robust metal, aluminum that makes it durable and long-lasting.


  • The gun length of this welder is 10feet, and its long power cord also touches figure 10 on a measuring scale.


  • This classy welder consists of an inbuilt gas hose, gas solenoid valve, and dual-gauge for heart-winning performance.


  • Apart from the exhaust, you can also use this smooth equipment for various purposes: repairing art, farm projects, working on automotive, and fixing numerous house products.

We cannot deny that Hobart 500559 Handler is the best welder for exhaust work!


  • Quik to start
  • Light and portable
  • Best for all metals
  • Smooth and stable performance


  • Not compatible with generation

Final Verdict:

Hobart 500559 is a top-grade welder that makes every kind of welding smooth, effortless, and stable. It is the most recommended welder by experts; you can buy this terrific value product by closing your eyes. This welder is worth it in your home!


2- Amico ARC-160D

If you want to crack a pro welder that can remarkably weld your exhaust, go with Amico ARC-160D. It is a superior welder with well-crafted features; above all, this brilliant performer welder doesn’t break your bank.

Key Features:

  • Amico ARC-160D is a terrific welder made up of premium quality and ultra-smart features that are always ready to serve you. The high-end quality of Amico makes the welding super-convenient for you.


  • The actual proof of Amico’s optimal performance is its working power of dual voltage, 115V, and 230V; you can switch to any voltage according to your need.


  • The in-built square-wave inverter of this outstanding welder makes this inverter deliver the best performance under a varied range of conditions.


  • This high-value welder offers you extensive welding machine control by giving a 20-160 AMP range knob. In addition, this adorable welder is high-rated as it comes with a 60% duty cycle and 90% efficiency at 160 AMP.


  • This commendable welder protects from splashing and slipping; furthermore, it provides proper penetration for straightforward performance.


  • The IGBT module technology of this welder uplifts the efficiency of this welder; indeed, this welder is keen to provide you more control during high voltage arc welding.


  • This welder will amaze you with its stunning performance; you can use this welder for multiple metals: thin, semi-thick steel, or stainless exhaust pipe.


  • One more heart-winning feature of this welder is its anti-fluctuation mode that protects the welder from under-voltage, overload, over-voltage, and over-current protection.


  • You can easily port this lightweight welder anywhere you want; moreover, its fundamental and acid electrodes make it stand out in this segment. Now, you do not need to be reluctant to arc welding exhaust pipes; Amico ARC-160D has reduced the welding challenges.


  • Performs powerful functions
  • Resist power fluctuation
  • Automatic voltage detection
  • Excellent arc stability


  • Stuck on the giant products

Final Verdict:

Amico ARC-160D is a welder with dozens of updated features to make the welding fun instead of stressful. Thus, if you are looking for a welder that pays off its price, pick the Amico ARC-160D. It is the best welding buddy for beginners!



Welders with dual voltage are more helpful, worthy, and valuable; luckily, LOTOS TIG200 is also manufactured with the dual-voltage mechanism. The features of these super-duper welders are remarkable.

Key Features:

  • The most favorable feature of this high-performing welder is the multi-controlling options that help you operate it immediately when you are in need; no heavy or prolonged setting to bring it into use.


  • You can weld mild steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and various other materials through this welder; delightfully, these all features help you in precise welding.


  • As discussed, this welder tends to switch the voltage (dual voltage); thus, by using the adapter plug, you can swiftly swap the voltage from 220 V to 110 V.


  • LOTOS TIG200 is the best exhaust welder that is used for TIG welding exhaust pipe; this welding machine produces AC/DC 200 amperage that eventually gives an industrial-grade performance at an affordable price.


  • LOTOS TIG200 is a welder that produces 200 AC/DC square wave inverters. This welder efficiently performs at a dual-frequency 50/60Hz and dual voltage 110/220 V.


  • This welder lets you have an HF control and heat-control welding through foot pedals; what an easy use!


  • You can use this welder for mild steel, welding steel, aluminum, and various other materials with 9.5mm capacity.


  • Happily, you can use this welder in-home and small-scale industries for the welding exhaust system, welding muffler pipe, fixing a bicycle, a metal table, and several other things.


  • Fortunately, a buyer can avail of these all features at an affordable price; it is hard to refuse such a high-performing welder. Isn’t it?


  • Ultimate comfort
  • Superb Designed
  • Well-constructed
  • Optimal performance


  • No con

Final Verdict:

LOTOS TIG200ACDC 200A AC is a tiny yet potent exhaust welder that offers you tons of successful ways to join the metals. Trust me, LOTOS is the best way to weld exhaust pipes; investing in this welder is entirely safe and worthy, as it doesn’t disappoint the users!



If you are eager to have a sturdy, trustworthy, and long-lasting welding machine- a machine that can perform your multiple welding tasks, stop searching more because LINCOLN Electric CO K2697-1 is packed with all the fascinating features. A pack of unlimited features!

Key Features:

  • LINCOLN Electric CO is an adorable welding machine that uses 120 V output to make its use easy for you; you can already have a home voltage setup.


  • LINCOLN Electric CO K2697-1 offers numerous unlimited features that make your welding hours tireless and smooth; this welding machine is superbly easy for beginners and experienced.


  • The thing that will surely amaze you is LINCOLN’s setup; do you know, it is such a user-friendly welder that you can use it right after unpacking. A reliable and worthy welder!


  • No worries, even if you have the first experience with LINCOLN, this competent welder is the best wherever you use it. It always gives 100% results whether you are using it for welding exhaust pipes on cars or any other object. LINCOLN makes everything relaxing and relieving!


  • Now, through this high-grade welder, you can weld a wide range of metals from mild steel to aluminum and even stainless steel. It is actually superb!


  • This welder enables you to weld material of different thicknesses: for mild steel material, it is 24 gauge to 3/16 inches, and for aluminum, it is 22 to 10 gauge. Fortunately, this best Stick Picks welder works awesomely with flux-cored wires.


  • The overall height of LINCOLN Electric CO K2697-1 is 13-3/4 Inches, Depth is 17-7/8 Inches, and width is 10-1/ 8 inches that show that you can easily place this welder anywhere you want. Hence, it is not a big deal to wrap, place, or carry this welder as it takes a bit of place anywhere you put it.


  • The jaw-dropping features of this welder are still on; you can use this powerful and heavy-duty welder uninterruptedly. Through this welder, you can easily weld exhaust pipes of different thicknesses.


  • LINCOLN Electric CO is a compact, lightweight, and pocket-friendly welding machine, which is the best bet for the users who frequently used the welding machine.


  • Furthermore, this terrific welding machine comes with an Output Range of 30 to 140A DC. Hugely beneficial!

These all features altogether make LINCOLN Electric CO an incredible welder for stick welding exhaust.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Best for beginners
  • Contains all necessities
  • Perfectly performs with gas and gasless wires


  • Weak with 120V

Final Verdict:

Who can stop itself from buying this high-performing welder? Its striking features have won many of the user’s hearts; so, if you also want to make your welding hours easier, buy this LINCOLN Electric. Luckily, LINCOLN reduces all the risks associated with welding!



If you are urgently looking for a welder that will help weld your exhaust pipe but have no clue on which model you should buy. Stop worrying; you have come to the right machine, Miller Electric Mig Welder, that will offer premium performance.

Key Features:

  • The Miller Electric Welder is a unique MIG welder; unique because it can adjust the welding voltage and wire feed speed as per the user’s ability.


  • This superior welder comes with the latest features. It aims to deliver a comfortable experience to its users; this welder comes in the latest ground cable and aluminum wire feeder style.


  • This dependable welder is considered the most-selling product because it comes with Auto SetTM, Quick SelectTM Drive Roll, Smooth Start TM, Fan-on-demand phase, and Angled cast aluminum drive system. Yes, all these extraordinary features in one welder- a tiny yet colossal fun pack!


  • The fun features of this welder don’t end here; this well-designed welder works at 120/240VAC electric voltage.


  • Unlike other welders, the Miller Electric Mig Welder machine doesn’t produce heavy noise and keeps the welder’s mind in ease and peace.


  • Now accomplishing a wide range of welding-related tasks is no longer stressful because Miller Electric has 120 amps power output that enables every big project to be more accessible.


  • With this fantastic and powerful welder, you can handle multiple projects and a broad array of metals with different thickness levels ranging from mild to stainless steel, aluminum to carbon steel. The recommended thickness for aluminum material is 24 gauge to ⅜ inches, and for stainless steel, it is 24 gauge to ¼ inches.


  • To further enhance the ease of the users, the Miller Electric user comes with a 10 feet M-10 MIG gun.


  • This welding machine won’t create any trouble even when you are giving the first attempt. Undoubtedly, MILLER ELECTRIC MIG Welder is a perfect option for MIG welding exhaust pipes.


  • You can use a wide range of welding wires with this superb welding machine; you can use solid wire, gas shielding, faux wire; we ensure you will get a fantastic experience.


  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Thermal Protection
  • It contains an MDX-100 gun
  • Easy to use and dual voltage setup


  • Ground clamp is cheap

Final Verdict:

If you were longing to get a mighty yet easy-to-use welder, rush for Miller Electric MIG welder. MILLER is an electric MIG welder instilled with the latest features to make your welding experience easy and outstanding. Don’t miss this high-valued welder!

Buying Guide

Welders are the must-have tool for every home, office, and factory. Meanwhile, we all know that the market is flooding with the welders, and picking any random ones is pretty risky.

Therefore, in this article, we have reviewed the market’s best options because our mission is to protect your investment from sinking.

All the welders mentioned above are experts’ choices; you can pick according to your choice or need.

So, what are you waiting for? Go, and place the order to make your work super-smooth!

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