My Vision

I created Welderbeast LLC for two reasons. The first was to provide a quality welding service to North-West Arkansas. The second was to teach others how to start and grow their own business through documenting my journey. Through successes, failures and lessons learned I am constantly striving to provide better service and be a better services provider to those in need.

My Story

Welderbeast LLC was born when my wife called me while I was away for work and she told me it was time to stay home and be with the family. In that instant I stopped long enough to see what I thought was lacking in North-West Arkansas and where I could add value to the region. I did not see very many businesses specializing in piping and were mobile so I set out to fill that need.

Meet the Team

The team is me! I’m just a one man show at this time doing my best to provide the best customer service I can to my clients.

Robi Schreckhise


A fun fact about me is that I started my career as a pipefitter and welder living in North Pole, Alaska for 8 years.

Next Steps…

Need a project done, curious what it will take to get it completed? Get a hold of me and we will find a solution that will work!